The THOMAS CROWN AFFAIR (1968) - STEVE McQUEEN Movie Posters (Part 3)

If there’s one movie which defines the late sixties’ elegance and style, it must be this one. Directed by Norman Jewison (see Part 2) who again cast Steve McQueen but this time as the rich financier who robs banks for the trill of it while chased by the sublime Faye Dunaway at her most elegant. Trailer here

The music by Michel Legrand (and the famous song The Windmills Of Your Mind), the dazzling and inventive cinematography (check the multi split screen polo game scene here as well as the sensually and erotically charged chess game scene here) and of of course McQueen’s acting at his most suave and cool make this an eternal classic (even though Pierce Brosnan didn’t do band in the later remake)

From top then left to right: Argentinean poster (R79) / Japanese poster (R72) / Japanese poster (1968) / Italian soggettone (1F) poster (style B)/ Italian soggettone (1F) poster (style A) /Soundtrack LP / half sheet poster / italian fotobusta poster / French lobby cards set

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